Training Movement & Athleticism In Boys & Girls (5 to 15 yrs old)

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“Training your child to be fit, active, co-ordinated and healthy”


These days, kids are spending more hours sitting with electronic devices than being active and playing outside. Inactivity can have a dramatic impact on your child's health, social skills and confidence.

Where children of the past would be outside running around, climbing trees and jumping over fences, a child in 2019 spends this time on computer games, tablets and even mobile phones.

We feel that sport can play a huge part in not just the physical development of a child, but also in their personality, team skills, social ability and general confidence. Being able to move well is the start of that process…

Did you know that your child has a ‘window’ to develop physically and athletically? If this is missed, a person will lack the basic movement patterns to be active into adulthood.

We now have a situation where children are developing physical dysfunctions causing them to be injured more frequently and be more prone to accidents.

Just 1 session per week with us can dramatically improve your child’s ability to move, enjoy playing sport and avoid injuries from lack of basic movement patterns.

At Spotlight Sporting Events, we teach girls and boys to move correctly and athletically so they can enjoy sport and live a more active life.

We teach the “ABC’s” of movement (running, balancing, jumping, co—ordination, basic strengthening and catching) so that being outside and playing is more exciting for them than staying in and playing on the ipad!

Just as your child might have a maths or English tutor to help them with their academic development, we provide mentoring in how to be a more active person so that your child can develop physically to his or her full potential.

We offer;

  • 1 to 1 tuition in movement and athleticism.

  • Small group sessions for children to work together and learn to move while playing sport.

  • Consultations to help you encourage your child to be more active and athletic at home and throughout their lives.

Sessions are tailored to the ability level and requirements of each child. Whether your child is new to sport or is already active in playing, these sessions can help your child develop to their full potential.

About Huw;

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Huw is a qualified Child’s Fitness Instructor and has been teaching sport to children for 15 years.

He has coached in England, Australia, South Africa, India, France, Uganda and the USA and has a range of experience teaching children of all ages.

Huw has always had a passion for sport and feels strongly that a child can benefit greatly both physically and mentally from having an active life.


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